How DataFeedWatch Can Help Increase Your Sales on Shopify & WordPress Stores

Give yourself the tools to rank higher in Google Shopping and tailor your listings to attract potential customers. Increase returns on investments for advertising campaigns, conversion rates and sales.
DataFeedWatch Free Trial

DataFeedWatch is an innovative plugin for e-commerce sites using the Shopify and WordPress platforms. The plugin gives you the tools to dynamically grow your business with ease, combining both data transformation and expert advice to empower merchants across the world.

The plugin is targeted at growing retailers and enterprises looking to get their product listings in front of internet users on platforms like Google Shopping, eBay, and Amazon.

Here are the key features of the DataFeedWatch and how they can be used to quickly grow your business and increase sales.

Data Feed Optimization

Search engines and shopping listing aggregators (channels) use data feeds to receive updated information on price, products and analytics. To get your products listed on shopping channels, you’ll need to provide these services with a data feed. The channel’s algorithm will then sort through the data you provide and rank your listing.

A data feed is simply a list of your product’s key attributes. Basic data feeds include the product name, price, description and availability. Advanced attributes can include age groups, materials, colors and more.
Data feed optimization from DataFeedWatch helps improve these attributes so that they are detailed and are reaching your preferred target audience.

DataFeedWatch Map Fields

Products with unoptimized data feeds don’t rank well in channels and have low impressions, ultimately costing store owners more money per conversion when advertising.

Compelling product titles will entice potential buyers into clicking your listing, whereas category attributes let channels know where to display your product and who to.

Using DataFeedWatch allows you to automate data feed uploads, keeping channels up-to-date on changing prices and availability.

Product-Level Analytics

DataFeedWatch’s powerful analytics system allows store owners to track their product’s performance with ease. The plugin provides advertisers with an overview of how well a particular product is performing across platforms and can identify key bestsellers on particular channels.

With product-level analytics, you can closely consider the demographics of your customers to know exactly who is buying your products. You can exclude underperforming products from future advertising products – couple this with data feed optimization to dramatically increase your ROI.

You can use these comprehensive tools to track the success of changes in strategy, optimizations or the introduction of new products. This helps you make more informed decisions in the future.

DataFeedWatch Analytics


With the Marketplaces feature, DataFeedWatch helps store owners craft optimized marketplace listings for better performance on shopping channels like Google, eBay and Amazon.

The plugin uses a world-class listing optimization workflow to create marketplace-specific descriptions for your products. Using smart automation, DataFeedWatch’s marketplace allows you to scale up your business and manage thousands of products while maintaining high-quality listings.

DataFeedWatch Marketplaces

DataFeedWatch supports over 200 distinct shopping channels. The plugin allows you to optimize listings for the best performance on specific channels, automatically improving overall product performance. Moreover, the Price Watch tool will enable you to monitor your price rank and respond to competition by adopting an informed pricing strategy.

Get Started With DataFeedWatch

DataFeedWatch gives store owners the tools to rank higher in shopping channels and tailor their listings to attract potential customers. It’s a powerful plugin to increase returns on investments for advertising campaigns, conversion rates and therefore sales.

To get started, click the link below to install the plugin with an extended 45-day free trial. You can get to grips with DataFeedWatch and evaluate all its features before parting with a single penny.

DataFeedWatch 45-day Free Trial

Let’s bring your e-Commerce store to the next level!

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